Construction + project management from feasibility, planning through to procurement.

We help our with all your construction & project management needs, from earth-work through to remediation of difficult leaky buildings.

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Project management which is derived through a strategic basis is critical for profitable delivery of a construction or remediation project. Construction management as a profession has its roots in engineering, law, architecture & finance, meaning the team at Vanguard, who come together with their unique backgrounds in accounting, architecture, law and construction form the perfect team for managing your project.

Project management which is strategically driven is essential for all construction and remediation projects:

Vanguard offer a comprehensive project management service. We understand that all projects are unique and require attention based on the specific goals of the project. Our management team have a range of disciplines under their umbrella of experience and skill. We will help you through all the needs of your project from feasibility, planning, procuring contracts through to quality assurance, human resources and risk management. While giving due regard to the life cycle of a modern construction project, thereby enabling successful delivery of your project.

Project management with a clear process allows for a profitable delivery of any construction or remediation project.

We will take the time and effort to understand your project goals, and needs. From there we will make sure that our project management and construction management process is fit to deliver a high standard.