Feasibility study through to project delivery.

Vanguard undertake a feasibility study encompassing research into all the relevant details that pertain to the development of the property, including the best and most profitable use of the land, building, space and the value addition it can represent. We are a multidisciplinary team providing more value than capital required due to better planning of a realistic and a superior development project. Vanguards proven skills in Architecture, Construction and its Management, including the related finance function, provides successful implementation of the plans cost effectiveness leading to a competitive advantage in pricing and a superior end development project as well as ensuring the successful completion of the project.

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A feasibility study conducted by the team at Vanguard will provide an objective approach to evaluate strength and weakness of the proposed venture.

When we conduct a feasibility study for our clients our aim is to with objectivity determine the viability of the clients proposed Idea. We ensure a project is financially, legally and technically feasible as well as justifiable in the local and global economic activity. At the completion of a feasibility study approached in the manner our clients will be able to determine if a project worth the investment, and in some cases, the project proposed may not be possible. There can be many reasons for this, including requiring too many resources, which not only prevents those resources from performing other tasks but the investment required may be unjustifiable against the projected returns.

Our feasibility study is designed on an investigative basis, which will delve into historical background of the proposed subject (land, building), understand and describe the project, accounting statements, details of operations and management, marketing research and policies, financial data, legal requirements, and tax obligations. We approach our feasibility studies so comprehensively that these studies always precede technical development and project implementation documents.

Feasibility study is vital for any project or business venture. Vanguard team approach to commencing a feasibility study is from an investigative approach. We always consider the historical background of the business venture or project. Then we develop the feasibility study further to incorporate an accurate description of the project or business.

Feasibility study can include:

Generally a feasibility study consists of a deep view of the project by including accounting statements. Details of how the operational aspects of the venture would be carried out. From there, extend to discuss the management process and how any ongoing research requirements will be fulfilled.

Feasibility study requires understanding of accounting, legal & technical principles:

An important yet often over looked component of a feasibility study is policy. Policies which enable the project to be viable. Policy in a feasibility study is also crucial as it provides the project a platform for making decisions that are in the best interest of the project.

Developing policy in a feasibility study requires excellent understanding of financial data, legal requirements and tax obligations. 

Generally, a feasibility study should be conducted prior to developing the process for technical implementation. In summary a feasibility study is conducted to evaluate and communicate the viability of the project or business venture.

Presentation of your feasibility study:

It is important that your feasibility study is conducted by a professional team who understand how to strategically utilise legal, accounting and technical needs objectively. When you work with the Vanguard Advice team we make sure that your feasibility study will be a credible guide and study for potential investors and lenders.