Great financial planning does not have to be complex

If you are self-employed, run a business, a property investor or a trust prudent financial planning is a must.

Excellence in financial planning means we make sure we get to see our clients succeed. We help our clients to set goals and decide how to reach those goals.

We can help

Strategic financial planning is an absolute critical need to succeed in any venture. Vanguard team will work on understanding your needs, then consult, advise & design your financial planning. We will facilitate a clear process to deliver you the best outcome.

Because our goal is to make sure that you succeed, we further provide regular, on-going monitoring to make sure you’re on track. Our team have a background in law, management accounting, property & construction. We are equipped holistically to enable you and your venture success.

Financial planning is essential to succeed as it helps you:

  • Have a clear understanding of your goals & the path ahead.
  • Align your ventures and projects to suit your lifestyle.
  • Understand your goals and road mapping an over arching financial plan.
  • Consult & advise on strategy to spot opportunities that can help you propel your goals.
  • Design decision making processes. For example: to ascertain viability of an opportunity. Consider if it is in line with your over arching financial planning. If it is not, then enable a quick decision to move on.
  • Financial planning to utilize all your resources correctly — without a financial plan in place you risk on aggressive commitments.

vanguard consult advise design & deliver

Solution focused financial planning.

Together with you we draw up your road map based on “what you want to achieve”. With a holistic & comprehensive view our financial planning first will understand you and your proposed venture. Will show you where you are today, while you will teach us where you want to be, then together we create a strategy to help you get there. Working with us for your financial planning puts you in control, enabling you with clarity and confidence. In our financial planning advisory together with you we design a financial plan, a roadmap for your goals.

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