Building report & building condition reporting by professional building consultants.

Our expertise in multi factor of property, building & construction ensures you a stress free, comprehensive building report and building condition reporting with an emphasis on risk management. Our point of difference is that we are not only a building & construction firm, due to our professional backgrounds in architecture, law and management accounting we are able to provide strategic and feasible solutions to remediate the reported defects in line with your asset management and capital/operational funding, while making sure that any risk to you or your third parties are properly managed.

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Building report, survey & building condition reporting.

Building report for pre-purchase / pre-lease.

A pre-lease / pre-purchase building report for the purposes of property due diligence involves inspection of the commercial building by a licenced building practitioner (LBP) to identify and report on the condition of building systems, including the buildings finishes, structure, cladding and services. We also make sure that we identifying areas needing attention under a long-term maintenance plan so that you can enter into the purchase or lease knowing exactly how the building will perform in the future. With a Pre-lease / pre-purchase building report, you will be able to determine if the prospective commercial building is fit for purpose and is in line with your investment or business needs.

Pre-purchase building reports involve non-intrusive investigations. Therefore, these reports rely heavily on the knowledge, training and experience of the LPB to comprehensively identify any hidden deterioration of the building which can in some instances affect not only the functionality, but also the compliance of the building. For example: building may require some serious maintenance or upgrades to obtain its next Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF).

They require an intimate knowledge of the building products, systems, design techniques and industry standards that are being used in New Zealand, as well as having a sound knowledge of the local environment in which the building is situated. Local conditions, such as wind, earthquake risk, geothermal situations and coastal areas can have a marked effect on the performance of a building.

Because our team is from an architectural, accounting, legal and construction background, we make sure to provide the most comprehensive approach to a due diligence building report, including moisture testing, thermal imaging, assessing the property file for structural detailing, and considering any earthquake notices. We can further extended due-diligence reporting which is beyond the scope of a building report. We can look into drainage plans, storm water plans and any legal easements or covenants on the title of the property.

Weathertight building report / moisture testing / thermal imaging.

Weathertightness building report is generally conducted invasively. Where we will work with our sister company Zenith Facilities Services who are our specialist weathertightness remediation arm.

Our weathertightness reports assess your commercial building for:

  • weathertightness and external moisture penetration – we utilise the best moisture testing and thermal imaging equipment suitable for imaging commercial builds.
  • internal moisture issues from internal wet areas, kitchens, laundry, bathrooms and plumbing
  • we thoroughly check for structural stability
  • health risks
  • insulation and thermal performance (if appropriate)
  • general and preventative maintenance that’s needed will be recommended
  • if major remediation is required, we will provide you with a feasibility study, funding options and the best remediation system, solutions or applications.

Because our team are from a professional background, we know that when assessing weathertightness, we don’t just rely on one type of professional diagnostic equipment, or an assessment of only the visible high-risk areas. Our licensed building practitioner (LBP) knows where to look and what to look for taking the entire building system and its functionality into account. And; with our professional background in law, architecture, accounting and construction we know the inherent benefits is reading and understanding the buildings property file including any plans of the buildings structural components and cladding system.

Once we fully understand the building through the property file, we provide minimally invasive internal and external inspection of the building systems (structural and cladding) and its functionality. We document visual findings through comprehensive moisture detection readings, and thermal imaging. Resulting report is transparent and easy to understand and contains a schedule of photos and a detailed description of any current issues, as well as a plan for any needed remediation or upcoming general or preventative maintenance. Our sister company Zenith Facilities Services can include an estimate for remediation or for any repairs and maintenance work. This method of weathertightness report is so comprehensive that it will also be highly suitable for any legal, feasibility or capital maintenance financing needs.

Building condition, defects & dilapidation schedules.

Every commercial building must have a schedule of condition survey. As it is a tool which allows you to correctly manage the condition of building when required. Sometimes these building schedules are referred to as dilapidation building reports. For commercial building owners and property managers they are an invaluable tool which in effect can be just like an insurance policy. This is because dilapidation building reports serve the sole purpose of accurately documenting a buildings condition before an event occurs – such as prior to commencement of a lease and often prior to the commencement of remediation works. It is always prudent to carry out a dilapidation building reports when you have been notified that a neighbouring property is about to undergo significant development which can cause vibrations and ground movement for your own building. Undertaking another schedule of condition survey after these events have taken place will correctly document change, minimising the likelihood of disputes occurring.

Be sure to conduct a dilapidation building report or condition survey:

  • prior to development or infrastructure works commencing, for example, on neighboring buildings
  • prior to commencing serious remediation work
  • prior to the commencement of a lease
  • at termination of a lease
  • prior to putting together a long term maintenance plan
  • prior to purchasing a property. This would typically be referred to as due diligence.

Building report for maintenance planning & capital funding.

Every building should have a comprehensive property file held by the owner or property manager. A major component of this comprehensive file needs to be correct documentation of the building. It is only with proper documentation by having building reports and building condition surveys conducted at milestones or as per decision maker allocated times, can you as building owner of property manager be in a position to consider long term maintenance planning of the building. Long term maintenance planning is critical to uphold the integrity of the building.

Building condition reporting for determining remediation feasibility.

Any building requiring remediation of weathertightness, concrete crack repair, or remediating failed cladding systems require a building condition report for the purpose of properly remediating the causes of the buildings failure and for mitigating all relevant risks. Without a building condition report, it is as though you are embarking to resolve the buildings failure with a blind fold on! It is impossible to consider and determine remediation feasibility without first obtaining a comprehensive building report noting the condition of the building and also noting the causes of the failures. Building reports conducted for the purpose of remediation is a very specialist area. It is critical that these reports are obtained by a well experience professional who can also asses capital maintenance feasibility. Our team have a solid background in architecture, law, management accounting and construction, meaning we are the best fit to ascertain;

the condition of the building,

document its failing systems,

consider the buildings operational and capital funding capacities,

clarify any legal obligation of the building owners to thirds parties for risk mitigation,

clarify local authority obligation, and obligation of the building owner to the local authority.

Building report for dispute resolution.

Building reports and condition schedules are often utilised in combination for the purposes of dispute resolution. These are very specific and can often merge into the areas of expert witness documentation. Each dispute depending on the nature and the authority mediating or the court hearing the dispute will require building reports in a prescribed format. Due to our background in law and management accounting we are an excellent team to conduct building reports for the purpose of resolving disputes or submitting as evidence to any New Zealand court.