Managing & delivering your next property development or re-development project.

Our expertise in multi factor of property ensures you with stress free, full scope property development & re-development with an emphasis on risk mitigation. Our team take into account all legal and financial aspects of any given action. Then strategically design project planning that benefits impacts the property development projects economy in the best possible way.

We can help


  • Document strategy, analysis, and research to produce feasibility study.
  • Residential and commercial property market research evaluation.
  • Evaluate the benefits of mix use development residential as well as commercial.
  • Consider and evaluate any business development function that may be required to obtain the best return from developing the property.
  • Legislative changes that may be relevant.
  • Long term profitability.
  • Net present value (NPV)
  • Internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Benefit cost analysis
  • Project present value (PPV)
  • Project rate of return (PRR)
  • Firm rate of return (FRR).


  • Our project management solutions are based off Microsoft Project & Excel.
  • Preliminary design analysis.
  • Manage resource management, planning & consenting.
  • Manage Producer Statements.
  • PS1 – Design
  • PS2 – Design Review
  • PS3 – Construction Review
  • Certificate of Design Work
  • Construction Monitoring Schedule
  • Design Features Report 
  • Structural Maintenance Schedule
  • B2 Letter in Lieu – Design
  • Quality assurance tools, guidelines and processes
  • Manage design documentation, including producing required process documentation.
  • Health and safety management
  • Certificate of design work
  • Design features report
  • Calculation checklist
  • Site visit record
  • Site visit record
  • C6 Compliance


  • Establish suitable legal documents required for managing construction procurement.
    • Any resolution documents for the purpose of entity structure.
      • Any confidentiality agreements.
      • Any Sale, Lease or License documents.
      • Registration of Interest (ROI), Request for Proposals (RFP) or Request for Quotes (RFQ) based on New Zealand Government RFx templates.
      • Request for Quote (RFQ) Xtra Lite, based off New Zealand Government RFx version.
      • Agreement for Supply of Services, to issue to Contractors.
      • Agreement for Supply of Goods, to issue to Suppliers.
      • Construction contract NZS:3910
      • Automate the construction contracts and procurement contracting process.


  • In line with the property development project requirement (including clients reward and ROI goals) and the research conducted, risk management specified.
  • Any other legal/statutory requirements. For example: management of the obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act.
  • Infrastructure required to successfully manage the delivery of the development project.
    1. Accounting, budgeting, and forecasting.
    1. Project management.
    1. Management and automation of the procurement process.
  • Site appraisals, including geotechnical studies, assessment of any contamination, availability of services, uses of adjoining land, easements and restrictive covenants, environmental impact, and so on.
  • Estate development, obtaining any right of way (ROW) over neighboring properties.
  • Appraisal of servicing strategies.
  • Development project operational considerations.
  • Procurement process and options.
  • Financial Risk Management


  • Conduct a comprehensive due-diligence evaluation of the estate title, property file and LIM.
  • Conduct an extensive building condition report.
  • Conduct research including any required valuations, legal, financial, local authority, resource management, planning & environmental research.
  • Examples of research to be conducted include (not limited):
    • Valuations – property / commercial & residential rental.
    • New Zealand real estate market.
    • Global and local economy (macro & micro).
    • Global and local building trends Eg: sustainable buildings.
    • Environmental impact assessment (EIA).
    • National environmental standards including any regulations.
    • National planning standards.
    • Developing sustainable commercial property including, statistics, market and any beneficial sustainable property development related grants.
    • Cost of ownership which include building materials used and their service intervals, thermal properties and the cost to run a building with such properties, as well as heating, cooling and ventilation.
    • Legislative and local authority framework EG: Resource Management Act, Building Code, Building Act, health & Safety at work, Commercial Contracts Act and Construction Contracts Act.
    • Take in to account any legislative framework that is in the process of being reviewed.

Management of property development includes:

We will facilitate all aspects of managing your property development project. From global & local economical considerations, pricing strategy, automating the procurement, all legal aspects of feasibility and legislative requirements, through to environmental needs.

When considering a property development or re-development project there are a whole spectrum of decisions to make. Vanguard property development consultants will help you make the best decisions, while providing management of the project as a whole.

Our background in architecture, law, management accounting, construction & building remediation means we are able to offer our clients the most comprehensive property development strategy.

Engaging Vanguard from the outset will save you time, money and stress. Not to mention that the solutions we will provide for your redevelopment or property development project will be to optimise the potential of your property. Because we are a team coming together from a legal, accounting, remediation and construction background we are perfectly equipped with specialist knowledge, required to provide you with feasibility exploration, building condition reports through to procurement, project management and management of construction.

VANGUARD team are ready to facilitate you with all requirements of managing a profitable property development project:

  • Property development project concept & strategy.
  • Project evaluation & feasibility including drafting Better Business Case (BBC).
  • Implementation of planning, process and decision making guidelines.
  • Any required property or site acquisition / disposal.
  • Design & costing including drafting and finalising property development brief.
  • Strategy for lending & finance.
  • Bringing together required human resources including Architects, Surveyors, valuation specialists.
  • Property development & construction approvals.
  • Construction procurement, including advisory on Construction Contracts Act and required legal strategy for risk mitigation.
  • Project management & delivery of completed property development project.
  • Property settlement, leasing advisory.
  • Final reporting upon completion including reporting for development project finance / lending.