If you are a property investor, owner of a problem building needing remediation; or are a property developer, strategic planning is critical.

We help our clients to set goals and reach those goals by facilitating the correct mode of strategic planning, and by making sure to engage in a comprehensive study of feasibility.

We can help

Strategic planning is essential to success. Vanguards team will consult & advise on all your strategic planning needs. By facilitating a clear process, we enable you and your business to set and achieve goals.

We further provide regular monitoring to make sure you’re on track.

Strategic planning is essential in order to succeed as it helps you & the venture (business, investment portfolio or a difficult project):

  • Have a clear understanding of the project path ahead.
  • Align your venture to suit your lifestyle.
  • Understand the value and unique selling points of your project, skills and identify any gaps.
  • Spot opportunities that can help you propel your project.
  • Use your resources correctly — without a plan, you risk spreading your resources aggressively.
  • Strategic planning is the tool which allows to ascertain whether an opportunity is of value and if it is not, enable a quick decision to move on.

Strategic planning is Key for delivery of any project.

Vanguard team understand the value of strategy and planning. They also realise that many clients struggle to get utilise strategic planning in the best interest of their proposed project. To be of any real value a strategic planning exercise must be focused to be in line with the needs of the project. Our team has helped many struggling projects through this hurdle.

The venture your are pursuing may be a business, investment portfolio, or a complex building remediation or construction project. Strategies need to be considered with proper regard of financial, legal and technical ability of the project. If the project does not meet these abilities, then you need to make sure that you mitigate risk by incorporating the required financial, legal and technical needs into the root of the project. The project needs strategically planned tools along with a correctly defined business case allowing to properly define and manage the project. A business case is only of any value to the project if it is based on a successful and proven strategic plan. Goals can only be delivered once such tools are put in place and decision makers can clearly ascertain resultant benefits of any decision made. For example, consider a project acquiring new infrastructure of a million dollars towards upgrading the functionality of a commercial office building. A venture considering such an investment needs thorough reference to, including developing some or all of the following, along with a detailed level of understanding:

  • Overall project strategy.
  • Corporate strategies, eg project implementation strategy.
  • Investment plans, eg Long-Term Investment Plan (LTIP), Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP).
  • Market research and development.
  • Feasibility studies including any proofs of concept.
  • Benefits analysis.
  • Service ability, capacity plans and service models.
  • Detailed planning information, eg asset condition assessments, land assessments and due diligence.